I am a business angel and entrepreneur

I am founder and Managing Director of Visual Meta GmbH. Together with "Saarbrücker 21", a group of 12 friends - all being successful entrepreneurs - I invest in innovative start-ups. This group of business angels consists of the following members: Philipp Kreibohm (Founder Home24), David Kahlil (Founder eDarling), Lukas Brosseder (Founder eDarling), Oliver Roskopf (Founder Lineavi), Johannes Kreibohm (Founder Lineavi), Just Beyer (Founder Amerano), Johannes Schaback (Founder Visual Meta / LadenZeile.de, now CTO Home24), Markus Winter (Ex-CEO internetstores) and Pablo Metz (Founder MBR Targeting).


We are focused on supporting the founders and companies we invest in. We only invest our own money and take a long term approach, without any pressure for exits. We also like dividend models. All of us run startups / "grownups" and thus can provide useful insights, make introductions and support with follow-on financing rounds.



My investments:


  1. Contiamo: SaaS: Combines and explores data from popular software and applications.
  2. Lingoda: Online language lessons via skype.
  3. Linkbird: Online marketing management tool.
  4. Fotograf.de: Professional online shop solution for photgraphers.
  5. ZenMate: Encrypts and secures all browser activity. IP is hidden and privacy protected.
  6. Lesara: Online shop for non-branded products at best prices.
  7. TVSmiles: TV bonus scheme.
  8. Convida: Fresh Mexican Food.
  9. PrioriData: One of the largest independent databases of global app information.
  10. Expertiger: IT support for consumers.
  11. Lineavi: Nutritional supplements to lose weight.
  12. Gastrofix: Professional iPad POS-system for restaurants, hotels and shops.
  13. Mycs: Online shop for made-to-measure furniture.
  14. Bitbond: Bitcoin loans for ebay sellers and businesses from around the world.
  15. Lillydoo: Establishing a new baby care brand.
  16. Loopline Systems: A lightweight cloud solution for managing your performance reviews.
  17. Project A Ventures: An early-stage VC fund investing in the fields of e-commerce & marketplaces.
  18. Studentensteuererklärung. A SaaS tool for students to create and turn in their electronic tax declaration.
  19. CrossEngage: Cross-channel marketing cloud solution allowing to orchestrate campaigns across all relevant channels (e.g. E-Mail, RTA, Onsite, Push Notifications).
  20. Hombell: Marketplace for craftman services
  21. SevenSenders: Optimized cross-border shipments for eCommerce
  22. Cherry Ventures: Berlin-based VC, founded by a team of entrepreneurs with substantial experience in building fast-scaling consumer businesses.
  23. Comtravo: Business travel made easy for SMBs.
  24. Opinary: Content solutions for publishers.
  25. Alcandia: Platform for reselling booked trips instead of cancelling a trip with high losses
  26. Flaschenpost: Delivery service for beverages.
  27. StoYo: Next Generation Social Video
  28. Discandoo: Online discount for well known brands
  29. Thiocyn: Hair restorer
  30. Doozer: Digitizing professional real estate renovation management
  31. SunshineSmile: Providing clear aligners (for teeth) at an affordable rate.La
  32. Laserhub: Platform to optimize the acquisition of metal sheets. 

Realized exits / former investments (successful and unsuccessful)

  1. Visual Meta: Sold majority stake to Idealo (Axel Springer Group) in December 2011 and sold my final stake in 2018 also to Idealo.
  2. 9cookies: Sold to Delivery Hero in April 2014. Tablet- / smartphone based cashier systems for restaurants.
  3. Audibene: Sold to EQT/Sivantos in March 2015. Online shop for hearing aids.
  4. Amorelie: Sold to Pro7Sat1 in March 2015. Online shop for sex toys and lingerie.
  5. CarJump: Sold to Peugeot. All car- and bike-sharing services in one app.
  6. MediDate: Sold shares to co-investors with losses. Lead generation for plastic surgery.
  7. Minodes: Sold to Telefonica. Delivers fast and intelligent analytics of customer behavior for store operations.
  8. Movinga: Sold my shares via a secondary transaction with losses. Booking moving companies and moving services online.  
  9. Xletix: Sold to Infront. Running events with hardcore obstacle courses.
  10. GetJob: Founder disappeared. Lost my money. Job app for blue collar jobs.
Robert M. Maier (Robbi)

Robert M. Maier